About Us


After owning and operating a busy and highly regarded catering service in Los Angeles for over a decade, owners Lene and Mark Houck have begun their second venture as a team; Open Face Food Shop.

While Food By Lene focuses on the best of farm fresh in-home fine dining, Open Face represents another goal for Lene and Mark; to provide the highest quality, most interesting and healthful meals to diners everyday.

Lene and Mark are looking forward to sharing their passion, prowess and purpose with their West Adams neighbors and to all their friends here in LA which they feel is  quickly becoming one of America’s truly great food cities.

Lene Houck

Born and raised in Horsens Denmark, Lene recalls most fondly the many impromptu meals cooked at home for friends and family and of helping out on her uncle’s farm as a girl.

After several years of globetrotting for work and exploring her passion for the flavors and techniques of world cuisine, she settled in New York City and accepted her first chef’s role in 1995.


Mark Houck

After leaving his home in upstate New York to pursue a career in music, Mark found himself immersed in the Manhattan restaurant world and working in some of the top spots in the city. It was here that he learned the fine points of service and customer care from the people that knew it best and here that he met Lene. They were married in 1996.