Modern Danish Sandwich Shop


While the name says a lot, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Simply put, chef Lene Houck creates amazing open face sandwiches using fresh, seasonal ingredients in modern, inventive pairings. Lene and her husband Mark hope that their neighbors and friends will enjoy both the food she’s lovingly created and the welcoming atmosphere surrounding it.


5577 West Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016

855.676.3223 | info@openfacefoodshop.com

July Hours

Wednesday-Friday 11:00am – 3:00pm

Weekends 10am- 3pm

Closed Monday and Tuesday



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Today’s farmers market box really made us smile! We are incredibly grateful to all the farmers that work so hard to make this beauty available every week. Have fun cooking and thanks for your support! ...

Important reminders:

-Eat your vegetables
-Shop local
-Support your farmers
-Be kind

… And vote!
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So excited! Birds Eye Chilis, fresh garlic, Tellicherry pepper corn, bay leaf, vinegar, a pinch of sugar....
I can't wait! I just have to keep telling myself "2 weeks and it will be done, just 2 more weeks".
We promise to share when we get the restaurant back open (closer every day!).
OMG... I am going to put this on EVERYTHING!!

See you all soon!
Mark and Lene and the whole OFFS team

#openfacefoodshop #mysummerjam #westadams #farmersmarket #freshandlocal #putapickleonit

Champion pickle flippers Lene and Esteban show their nimble wrist work prepping the Bird’s Eye Chili vinegar with garlic and bayleaf. These beautiful fresh chilies have a sweet fruitiness followed by a serious, bright heat like a Thai chili, although not quite as intense.

It will take a couple weeks for them to be ready but when they are... WooHoo!!:-)

To celebrate our second anniversary as a restaurant, we wanted to share some thing a little different.

Our mission has always been to serve our community. and now a big part of our business has become helping feed you at home and helping our local farmers get through their own unique challenges. We thought it would be fun to take a look inside the lovingly hard work of putting together our farmers market boxes every Sunday.

No matter what comes next, everyone has responded so positively to this program that we will try to keep it going regardless. Helping people have regular, safe access to the greatest farmers on the planet, to explore cooking with their families, and supporting their own community is an unexpected blessing during these… “exciting” times 🙂

We will be reopening for daily service soon, so watch this space for updates and keep yourself safe until we see you again!

Warmest regards,

Mark and Lene
Open Face Food Shop

#openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit

Ever wonder why a peach would have a name like “Sangre de Toro” (Bull’s Blood)?

Now you know.

We just picked up the last of these amazing peaches from Tenerelli farms for our summer canning run. They are absolutely spectacular and pretty much done for the year. We rushed out to the Venice market this morning when we found out it was nearing the last week.

We’re going to try this batch with no added sugar for those of you that want it; we’ve already cut the sugar down almost 50% for most of the stone fruit preserves because they are already so sweet! #openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit #tenerelliorchards

First of the season Barhi dates from Bautista date Farm ripening in the sun. These dates have a really short season, and we wait for them all year because they are simply amazing.
We’ll have these for our farmers market care boxes on Sunday!
Put them on the counter and watch them go from yellow to deep brown, ripening over the next week.

We’re almost finished with our summer canning run and we want to thank all of you for your patience while we take this time to support the farmers in our area. We will be open again for daily service soon with new hours, new menu items, new flavors, and exciting new products for you all to try.

See you on Sunday for your farmers market boxes!#openfacefoodshop #farmersmarket #putapickleonit #westadams

Yesterday these were Finley Farms Kirby cucumbers. By the end of the day they will be sweet bread and butter pickles with red pepper onion and mustard seed. Transformed! 🙂 #openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit ...

Wait... you thought we were only going to make peaches, plums and pickles? Not a chance!
Home made hot sauces coming your way- 6 weeks and counting... 'cuz we say, "spicy is nicey"!
Seriously, the yellow jalapeños are just terrifying... YESSSS!!

These gorgeous peppers and tons more like them courtesy JF Organics.
#openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit #mysummerjam #spicyisnicey

Flash! We're doing Wild Mushroom Samplers again, only 5 available!
Balthazar Farms is our favorite grower and they always surprise us with beautiful mushrooms.
King Trumpet, Maitake, Shiitake, Cremini...let's see what else Lauren and Ralph pick for us @lilys_lifestyle_

Choose either 2 cups of Carnaroli Arborio rice or 1lb. of organic pasta to make risotto or a luxury pasta!


#openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit #wildmushrooms #farmersmarket

OK so yes, we did just get a delivery of 1,200 canning jars. That's on top of the 400 we got last week (AND whatever we already had in house). Oh, my...

We've been SUPER busy, even though the restaurant itself is closed for the canning run this year.
Is it worth it?

Oh, yeah...

Pickled Bull's Blood beets from The Garden Of... with cider vinegar, star anise and black peppercorn. Yes, please!

We're gonna fill every single jar with love (and then probably go out and buy more jars, knowing us)
See you all soon!
#openfacefoodshop #westadams #farmersmarket #putapickleonit #greatsandwiches #foodwelove #mysummerjam

Pickled Thao Farms okra, with a spicy cayenne, paprika and crushed garlic brine. Boom. Going to sleep for a couple weeks... we’re thinking tempura style fried pickled okra in September. Sound good? #openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit @kongthao03 ...

What a difference a day makes. Satsuma Plums from Tenerelli Farms. Fresh Plum Jam from Open Face Food Shop.
#openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit #mysummerjam

Today's canning mission- Mission Figs! 5 cases of beautiful figs from Pudwill Farms ready for processing. When we're done with those, it's on to 120 lbs of amazing Satsuma Plums from Tenerelli! John Tenerelli himself even sent us a recipe his mom used to make with these beauties... wow. Can't wait for you to try it all! #openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit #pudwillfarms #tenerellifarms ...

First up in our canning Run of 2020, pickled charred Calabrian chilis #openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit ...

I was going to sit on my patio and read a book but then I realized that canning is zen #zenofcanning ...

GORGEOUS figs from Avila farms, just in time for our seasonal canning run!
Hmm, I wonder what else we should do? Peaches, plums, pickles, hot sauce…What do you think?

#openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit #farmersmarket #seasonalproduce

A slightly different post today because we learned something fascinating and I’d like to share it with you. See this giant funky citrus? That’s an “Ojai Pixie” tangerine. You read that correctly.

“Wait,” you ask “aren’t Pixies supposed to be small, like the name implies?” Yes they are, and that’s what we learned today from Letty Garcia of Garcia Farms.
As another side effect of all the restaurant closures much of the citrus crop wasn’t picked and they can stay on the tree, growing for many months. This is just another unforeseen impact of the Covid crisis.
Not all produce has this characteristic unfortunately and our amazing local farmers are having to throw a LOT away, wasting beautiful food and putting them in a really difficult financial position.

We’re asking everyone to do what you can; support them by shopping at the markets or if you can’t get to there, pick up a box of amazing produce from us. We include the best from up to 10 different farmers every week and since we have to go to the markets anyway, it will save you time and keep you out of crowded super markets.
And it helps the farmers. Win Win :-)#localfarmers #openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit

You asked for, you got it! The same amazing seared tofu we serve at the restaurant, now available in our provisions store! https://order.openfacefoodshop.com/proteins#openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit ...

Baseball is back!
Hotdog or burger anyone? It’s the next best thing to being in the stands!#openfacefoodshop #baseballisback #westadamsdistrict #hotdog #burgerweek.official