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While the name says a lot, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

From traditional Danish flavors to elevated American fare, you will find something for everyone at Open Face Food Shop. Simply put, chef Lene Houck creates amazing menus using farm fresh, seasonal ingredients in modern, inventive pairings. Lene and her husband Mark hope that their neighbors and friends will enjoy both the food she’s lovingly created and the welcoming atmosphere surrounding it.

Homemade. Handmade. Honest.

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Wow, spring is really here!
You can feel it in the air, and the markets are bursting with beautiful new produce. Keep checking the menu for seasonal sides and specials so we can show you the bounty of spring!

Lene, Mark and the Open Face Food Shop team

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Hoping to see you all soon.

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West Adams 4:41 AM.

The restaurant will be closed today and tomorrow for all day offsite events. Our plan is to reopen again on Friday weather permitting so stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

Let’s see what mother nature has in store for this weekend 🙂

As always, we appreciate your support, and we look forward to serving you at the restaurant again soon!

Mark, Lene, and the Open Face team

#openfacefoodshop #westadams #healthyeating #farmersmarket #freshfood #putapickleonit #bestsandwiches #sandwich #danish #smorgasbord
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We will be closed 02.14.24 for back to back catering events but we want to wish everyone a great Valentine's Day.

Since I just read 3 completely different stories about the actual origin of the day, I think it's safe to riff a little here so how about this; let's not limit Valentines Day to romance, let's just make it about LOVE.

Love your job? Have a really great day at work.
Love sunsets? Go see one from the top of a hill tomorrow!
Love food? Go to the farmer’s market tomorrow in Santa Monica, it’s amazing this time of year!
Love chocolate and beautiful things? @hyawestadams will be open until 5. Last minute gifts are a breeze.

However/whatever you love, make that part of YOUR personal Valentine’s Day. Then make it part of the day after, then the day after that 🙂
We love and appreciate all of you, and we’ll see you all soon!

Warm regards and lots of love,

-Mark, Lene and the Open Face Team

#openfacefoodshop #westadams #healthyeating #farmersmarket #freshfood #putapickleonit #bestsandwiches #sandwich #danish #smorgasbord
#regardingherfood #saverestaurants #eatlocal #replenishrrf #cumulusdistrict #smfm #thehfm #hyawestadams #shopsmall

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Happy New Year, Everyone!

Today is our 28th anniversary(!) and as tradition dictates we get up late, make great coffee, and spend some time thinking about the year passed and what (hopefully) lies ahead. We choose colors that feel good, represent our different personalities, and have significance in one way or another. Combined this becomes our New Year’s card which we share with everyone we love and acts as our North Star for the year to come. Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration within for yourselves.

2023 was filled with contrast; the near loss of the restaurant followed by LA Al Fresco becoming permanent (yay!). The pandemic declared over but the after-shocks still resonating deeply in our industry. Our store @hyawestadams had a great holiday season (thank you!) and catering came back in a BIG way... forcing us to close the restaurant sometimes for days.
It’s been a challenge to balance all these commitments and we appreciate your support more than we can say. Rest assured we’re working hard toward more permanent solutions that allow us to do everything we want to do for the community.

This past year, so many Angelenos got involved and wrote letters on behalf of small businesses like ours that the city council changed their policy on outdoor dining… they heard you!
You shared how good it felt to know YOU HAVE A VOICE and that you could affect the change you wanted. Another example of the power of community and we urge everyone to stay engaged; 2024 is an election year, after all.

We’ve shown that together we really CAN move mountains (and change parking restrictions!). Let’s make this the beginning; Lene and I have always believed that we create the places we want to live in. Let’s do that this year; together, starting now, day 1.

Happy New Year to you all! Skål!

- Mark, Lene, and the Open Face/ HYA team
#openfacefoodshop #westadams #healthyeating #farmersmarket #freshfood #putapickleonit #bestsandwiches #sandwich #danish #smorgasbord
#regardingherfood #saverestaurants #eatlocal #replenishrrf #cumulusdistrict #smfm #thehfm #hyawestadams #shopsmall #newyear2024

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A good friend sent this to us just before Christmas (Thanks, Ricardo!). Link in bio and at the bottom of the post.

It’s a good article and one that gives us another opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone that pitched in to help change the LA Al Fresco rules to consider small businesses (and diners in general) It’s good to have the research but everybody already knew how great dining outdoors is.

As we head into a new year, we have a lot to look forward to but more on that soon.

For now, Lene and I are taking a short break while our staff visits with their family and friends for their holidays. There is still lots to do to get ready for all the changes coming our way; new outdoor dining rules, new seasonal menu, new other… things… (ahem) so we’ll keep you posted as everything moves forward.

Thanks again for your support and on behalf of our hard working staff, thanks for the break.

Warm regards,

Mark, Lene and the Open Face Team

#openfacefoodshop #westadams #healthyeating #farmersmarket #freshfood #putapickleonit #bestsandwiches #sandwich #danish #smorgasbord
#regardingherfood #saverestaurants #eatlocal #replenishrrf #cumulusdistrict #smfm #thehfm #hyawestadams #shopsmall


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We will be closed 12.24. Our staff needs a break 🙂

First and foremost we can’t thank you enough for standing up for our business and all the little guys like us when the city council created the final LA Al Fresco ordinance. You spoke, they heard you, and the entire city will benefit from the policy you helped create for years to come.
So many of you have told me how good it felt to “take action and see it bear fruit”. Great! Keep it up! Lene and I have always believed we create the communities we want to live in, and the community we are creating together is one we should all be proud of. We are grateful for your support, and more than you can know.

We are closing the restaurant tomorrow (sorry for the late notice) because we want to let the staff spend the holidays with their loved ones. In our line of work, we almost never get a break for the holidays… almost. We appreciate your understanding and they do, too. It’s a rare gift to spend time with the people you love, so we’ve given the time off (with pay) to relax and recharge because they've earned it. The store @hyawestadams will be open until 8 pm tomorrow so no worries if you need a last-minute gift. We’ve got your back.

Thanks again to ALL of you who took the time and effort to make your voices heard; we’re glad many of you felt it was worthwhile because it really is. When we get involved, together we can change the world.

From Lene and I, happy holidays to you all. From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you. Now go have fun!!

-Mark, Lene, and the Open Face Team

PS- Big changes are coming this year. Many thanks 🙂 #openfacefoodshop #westadams #healthyeating #farmersmarket #freshfood #putapickleonit #bestsandwiches #sandwich #danish #smorgasbord
#regardingherfood #saverestaurants #eatlocal #replenishrrf #cumulusdistrict #smfm #thehfm #hyawestadams #shopsmall

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Ok, that’s sort of lovely…
Beauty everywhere, right? 🙂

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It’s the shortest day of the year… And it’s raining! What else would we put on the menu today?

The “solstice minestrone“ Is everything beautiful about winter soups. warming healthful and full of the bounty of autumn.

We can’t seat you, but we can still feed you!

Thanks to everyone for your patience while we weather the weather, and we’ll try to have the dining room open again tomorrow when the rain stops. For today, take home some beautiful soup and maybe a meatball hero, and eat it next to the fire.
Happy holidays to all!

Lene, Mark and the Open Face team

#openfacefoodshop #westadams #healthyeating #farmersmarket #freshfood #putapickleonit #bestsandwiches #sandwich #danish #smorgasbord
#regardingherfood #saverestaurants #eatlocal #replenishrrf #cumulusdistrict #smfm #thehfm #hyawestadams #shopsmall

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Just finishing late night prep for tomorrow’s last event of the year! Up from 80 guests to 110, there is still quite a bit to do. Everything looks amazing and smells even better 🙂

This event is our favorite party of the year and always put us in the holiday spirit.

See you all Wednesday and happy holidays to everyone!

-Lene, Mark and the Open Face Team

#openfacefoodshop #westadams #healthyeating #farmersmarket #freshfood #putapickleonit #bestsandwiches #sandwich #danish #smorgasbord
#regardingherfood #saverestaurants #eatlocal #replenishrrf #cumulusdistrict #smfm #thehfm #hyawestadams #shopsmall

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Last catering closure of the season!

We have our LAST 3 EVENTS of 2023 this week! Woohoo, it’s the holidays!

Here’s some good news to look forward to:
- We will be open all next week and the week after Christmas (bring the family from out of town for lunch!)
- The store @hyawestadams will be open LONGER HOURS so you can get your shopping done
- LA Al Fresco is permanent and we can keep the patio!!!
- …(Something secret we can’t tell you about yet)
- …(Something else secret we can’t tell you about yet, either 🙂

It’s been a very busy entertaining season this year and we want to thank you all for your continued support. Our ability to keep our outdoor dining was a HUGE win, and that happened because of you! Your letters in support of the Al Fresco program helped sway the city council and will affect LA dining for years to come. Now we can make plans for the space that are even better.
Thank you, thank you thank you! Take a bow!

OK, 3 more parties to go. See you all next week!

-Lene, Mark, and the Open Face Team

#openfacefoodshop #westadams #healthyeating #farmersmarket #freshfood #putapickleonit #bestsandwiches #sandwich #danish #smorgasbord
#regardingherfood #saverestaurants #eatlocal #replenishrrf #cumulusdistrict #smfm #thehfm #hyawestadams #shopsmall #openfacesandwich #ihc

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OK everybody, here we go! The final City Council meeting on the LA alfresco dining program is starting at 10 AM today. I really think your amazing efforts over the last couple days have had an effect and I think we have a real shot at prevailing.
We can’t thank you enough, we are deeply honored.

Call Lin and share your thoughts… Speaker mind!

Details are below, and if you can’t, crush your fingers for us and all the little “hidden gems “across LA that need your support

The Council meetings will be broadcast live on Cable Television Channel 35, on the internet at https://clerk.lacity.gov/calendar, and on YouTube. The live audio of the hearing will be available via telephone at: (213) 621-CITY (Metro), (818) 904-9450 (Valley), (310) 471-CITY (Westside), and (310) 547-CITY (San Pedro Area).
The City Council will take public comment from members of the public in the Council chamber and also by teleconference. To make a public comment via teleconference, call 1 (669) 254-5252 and use Meeting ID No. 160 535 8466 and then press #. Press # again when prompted for participant ID. Once admitted into the meeting, press *9 to request to speak.

From the bottom of our heart, thank you for all your support. You have touched us deeply and we appreciate knowing that you are there for us.
We are here for you too. 🙂

Mark, Lene and the Open Face team

. #openfacefoodshop #westadams #healthyeating #farmersmarket #freshfood #putapickleonit #bestsandwiches #sandwich #danish #smorgasbord
#regardingherfood #saverestaurants #eatlocal #replenishrrf #cumulusdistrict #smfm #thehfm #hyawestadams #shopsmall

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Friends, this is the hardest post I’ve ever written.

Yesterday’s meeting of Planning and Land Use Management didn’t end well for the smallest and most vulnerable restaurants in LA, but there is still time to act. If you can copy/ paste, you can help us save outdoor dining and the restaurants you love. 2 minutes, no more.

1. Copy/paste ALL the addresses below into the “To” field of a new email
2. Copy/ Paste the subject: Oppose LA Al Fresco Recommendation #2
3. Copy/paste the letter below into the body of the email, amend to suit you
4. Ask EVERYONE YOU KNOW to help. Only a massive action will move the council. Fill their inboxes 🙂

We care deeply about our community.
Help us preserve what we have created.

With thanks,
-Mark, Lene and the Open Face Team

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


I write today to share my opposition to Recommendation #2 of the proposed Al Fresco ordinance.
This provision will put the smallest of our neighborhood restaurants at serious risk of closure, places we love and that improve our lives. They NEED the extra capacity the program provides to offset rising costs.
This must be supported, not curtailed.
It's worked for the last 3 years and we don’t want it changed. Recommendation 2 is a “one size fits all” solution to a complex issue and will harm local businesses we love. You can do better.

Help small businesses and move to a greener future. Help us build on what YOU created. The program works and must be supported. Oppose #2.

Thank you, (name)

199 57

Need your help!!
Hi, everybody.

We just learned that today will be the last day for public comment regarding changes to the LA alfresco dining program before the city council. Some of the new changes they have slipped in at the last minute, could cripple us or, heaven forbid, force us to close. It’s serious.

The new regulations would force us and all restaurants to maintain one parking stall on premises. This may not sound like a lot to ask since parking LA is a problem for everyone and for larger restaurants, it’s not an issue.

For us and all of the small restaurants like us however, it would mean the loss of most, if not all of our outdoor dining which you have all come to know and appreciate. Those extra seats have allowed us to survive the worst of what Covid had to throw at us… It would be a shame to say the least, if we were finally filled by a single parking space.


File number 20-1074-S4

PLEASE follow the link
above and place your comment in support of small restaurants like ours and let them know they should rethink a more nuanced approach that works for everyone in the community.

thank you as always for your amazing support and remember, today is the last day for public comment! 🙂

Lene, Mark and Open Face team

#openfacefoodshop #westadams #healthyeating #farmersmarket #freshfood #putapickleonit #bestsandwiches #sandwich #danish #smorgasbord
#regardingherfood #saverestaurants #eatlocal #replenishrrf #cumulusdistrict #smfm #thehfm #hyawestadams #shopsmall

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Hail to the King!

While the product we get from @the_freshfoodies_kitchen is always beautiful, this week they’ve really outdone themselves:)

These gorgeous King Oyster (King Trumpet) mushrooms will make a beautiful centerpiece in this week’s farmers market toast. With a slightly nutty flavor and firm, meaty texture, they are a great compliment to the other amazing mushrooms we get from Lauren and Ralph.

Black Futsu squash from Rocky Canyon and sautéed broccolini from Mendoza Farms round out the dish, a terrific testament the flavors of the season.

Here’s to autumn, to amazing ingredients, and to our unparalleled local growers!

Happy holidays, and we’ll see you soon 🙂

-Lene, Mark and the Open Face team

#openfacefoodshop #westadams #healthyeating #farmersmarket #freshfood #putapickleonit #bestsandwiches #sandwich #danish #smorgasbord
#regardingherfood #saverestaurants #eatlocal #replenishrrf #cumulusdistrict #smfm #thehfm #hyawestadams #shopsmall

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Winter menu testing is officially underway!

In the pan right now, the beginnings of a spicy vegetarian stew. These are homegrown Chile de Agua, although the final recipe is still taking shape.

One thing’s for certain though, with colder weather on the way, warmer food will be required. It’s just a fact 🙂

See you tomorrow for lunch!

Lene, Mark, and the Open Face team.

#openfacefoodshop #westadams #healthyeating #farmersmarket #freshfood #putapickleonit #bestsandwiches #sandwich #danish #smorgasbord
#regardingherfood #saverestaurants #eatlocal #replenishrrf #cumulusdistrict #smfm #thehfm #hyawestadams #shopsmally

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Beautiful Fresno chilies, ready for pickling!

As we enter into the turn of the seasons, it’s so exciting to have access to the amazing produce we’ve missed since last fall.

This week @weiserfamilyfarms had the most gorgeous (and spicy!) Fresno chilies just in time for the cooler weather ahead. Can’t wait to share them with you!

As we begin to head into the holiday entertaining season, please remember to check the website or here on Instagram for upcoming catering closures and special hours.
And while we’re at it, don’t forget to stop by our sister store @hyawestadams for your holiday gift giving! So many beautiful new items are arriving daily we hardly have time to keep up! 🙂

See you soon for a spicy avocado burger and pickled chilies, and thanks as always for your amazing support. We appreciate you 🙂

Lene, Mark and the Open Face Team

#openfacefoodshop #westadams #healthyeating #farmersmarket #freshfood #putapickleonit #bestsandwiches #sandwich #danish #smorgasbord
#regardingherfood #saverestaurants #eatlocal #replenishrrf #cumulusdistrict #smfm #thehfm #hyawestadams #shopsmall

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It’s not often that something at the market surprises us (after all these years) but these gorgeous Chestnut mushrooms from @mahealanifarms actually made me do a double take. Simply spectacular.

They’re as delicious as they are beautiful, too. The crisp, elegant stem has a fresh nuttiness that surprised us all in the kitchen. The cap is earthy, but not funky… Really lovely.
And we haven’t even cooked them yet!

They certainly earned their place in our mushroom toast this week, at least until we run out. Along with our other beauties from @the_freshfoodies_kitchen this has turned out to be a really wonderful week.

No, I am not going to make a “fun guy“ joke this is serious business.🤪

Come visit!

– Mark, Lene, and the Open Face team

#openfacefoodshop #westadams #healthyeating #farmersmarket #freshfood #putapickleonit #bestsandwiches #sandwich #danish #smorgasbord
#regardingherfood #saverestaurants #eatlocal #replenishrrf #cumulusdistrict #smfm #thehfm #hyawestadams #shopsmallt

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