Modern Danish Sandwich Shop


While the name says a lot, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Simply put, chef Lene Houck creates amazing open face sandwiches using fresh, seasonal ingredients in modern, inventive pairings. Lene and her husband Mark hope that their neighbors and friends will enjoy both the food she’s lovingly created and the welcoming atmosphere surrounding it.


5577 West Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016

855.676.3223 | info@openfacefoodshop.com


Wednesday-Friday 11:00am – 3:00pm

Weekends 10am- 3pm

Closed Monday and Tuesday



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We’ve been hard at work creating a safe new place for all our amazing guests and wanted to give you a quick tour. With generous table spacing, new menu items and friendly service, we look forward to seeing you soon!
Turn on the volume for voiceover. #openfacefoodshop #putapickleonit #farmersmarket #westadams #healthyeating #midcity #danish #bestsandwiches #happyhalloween #gotcha #skelvis

9 days left! We hope everyone that can vote takes the opportunity to make their voice heard. Stay safe, be well and VOTE!
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Wow, he’s really getting good at this. Esteban cut the entire side of gravlax like that. Perfect!
Order online or dine in on the patio. Looking forward to seeing you! #openfacefoodshop #putapickleonit #farmersmarket #westadams #healthyeating #midcity #danish #bestsandwiches

New this weekend at Open Face Food Shop!
This weeks jam with farmers market fruit, whipped cream cheese on a freshly baked delicious bagel! Today’s homemade jam is Catalina plum from Tenerelli Farms.
Nothing better than brunch, right? 🙂
Check out all our new weekend brunch items at order.openfacefoodshop.com #openfacefoodshop #putapickleonit #farmersmarket #westadams #healthyeating #midcity #danish #bestsandwiches #bagels #brunch

Today’s Jam Pies- right out of the oven!
Catalina plum and carrot... heaven!
Thanks to Tenerelli farms for growing such AMAZING fruit. Stop by this weekend for yours while supplies last!
#openfacefoodshop #putapickleonit #farmersmarket #westadams #healthyeating #midcity #danish #bestsandwiches
#vhfm #peaches.la_

Individual almond cakes just out of the oven and our brand new gluten-free peanut butter cookies, too! The kitchen smells AMAZING, my diet’s in trouble but I don’t care. Worth it!😀

Stop by for some beautiful Joshua Tree coffee and a little somethin’ special on this cloudy fall day!#openfacefoodshop #putapickleonit #farmersmarket #westadams #healthyeating #midcity #danish #bestsandwiches

We will be closed today, Thursday October 8th.

So sorry for the inconvenience, we expect to be open again tomorrow.
See you then!

Open Face Food Shop


Q: What's better than Pickled Fried Rainbow Trout?

a. Pickled Fried Rainbow Trout with an organic sunny egg.
b. Pickled Fried Rainbow Trout with extra pickles.
c. Two Pickled Fried Rainbow Trout!
d. Nothing could be better 🙂

New, beginning October 7th.
See you soon!

Open Face Food Shop
Homemade. Hand Made. Honest.

#openfacefoodshop #putapickleonit #farmersmarket #westadams #healthyeating #midcity #danish #bestsandwiches

Weekend Brunch is a GO!
So many new delicious new things to try but you have to start somewhere, right?
Come see our new outdoor table seating, contact free if you choose. We even have a private table for up to 6 family members (call us to reserve at 855.676.3223... 855.OPN.FACE) or have a seat at the counter and watch the world go by 🙂

Open Weekends from 10AM - 3PM with expanded hours and seating coming soon. We can't wait to see you!

Open Face Food Shop
Homemade. Hand Made. Honest

#openfacefoodshop #brunch #westadams #farmersmarket #midcity

It’s so great to be back! We’ve missed seeing you all.

Here is a sneak peek at our new weekend menu, a wild mushroom brioche with warm goat cheese and organic sunny egg. King oyster, Cremini, shiitake, wood ear mushrooms this week.Perfect for the savory brunch diner in all of us 🙂

Outdoor safe seating is now available, we even have a private table for up to six. Call us at 85.676.3223 to reserve the table for your family.

Thank you all for your amazing support during our summer canning run, and we are looking forward to seeing you all really, really soon! #openfacefoodshop #outdoordining #laalfresco #farmersmarket #lilyslifestyle #welcomeback

It's Saturday, September 26th... so we must be OPEN!
We have missed you all, and we're REALLY looking forward to seeing you again in person! As we reopen for daily menu service, we want to remind everyone that we will be adhering to all LA City, California and CDC best practices guidelines for dining; you are all incredibly important to us we will not be taking any chances with your health or our own.
Wear a mask, give everyone some space and be kind to each other. Easy!

As we move forward, expect expanded seating options, expanded hours and home delivery with our own team (!!). One step at a time, though.

We'll be open Saturday and Sunday this week with regular hours next week and expanded DINNER an BREAKFAST hours in the near future. We have so many new things for you!

Thank you again for your unwavering support; it means the world to us...
Almost as much as you do 🙂

Come visit soon!

Lene, Mark and the entire Open Face team

As our summer canning run draws to a close we thought we would share this with you. It made us smile.

This is how many “Peters Honey“ figs we put in jars for the new menu (and for all of you). That doesn’t include Mission or Osborn figs 🙂
We also did over 400 pounds of peaches of five different varieties from 3 different farms, 300 pounds of plums of four different varieties, 5 hot sauces, 2 tomato sauces and ENDLESS pickles…

We want to thank everyone again for their support. We Will continue to do our best to support our local farmers and friends, and we are really looking forward to being open again starting Saturday, September 26th!

Don’t worry, though. We will still have the beautiful farmers market boxes for you on weekends and we hope to see you all really soon!

Warmest regards,

Lene, Mark,and the entire Open Face team

PS- you even got a sneak peek at the new outdoor seating! 🙂 #OpenFaceFoodShop #mysummerjam #healthyeating #farmersmarket #westadams #putapickleonit #openingsoon #laalfresco

Today’s farmers market box really made us smile! We are incredibly grateful to all the farmers that work so hard to make this beauty available every week. Have fun cooking and thanks for your support! ...

Important reminders:

-Eat your vegetables
-Shop local
-Support your farmers
-Be kind

… And vote!
#vote #shoplocal #farmersmarket #openfacefoodshop #healthyfood #bekind #inittogether

So excited! Birds Eye Chilis, fresh garlic, Tellicherry pepper corn, bay leaf, vinegar, a pinch of sugar....
I can't wait! I just have to keep telling myself "2 weeks and it will be done, just 2 more weeks".
We promise to share when we get the restaurant back open (closer every day!).
OMG... I am going to put this on EVERYTHING!!

See you all soon!
Mark and Lene and the whole OFFS team

#openfacefoodshop #mysummerjam #westadams #farmersmarket #freshandlocal #putapickleonit

Champion pickle flippers Lene and Esteban show their nimble wrist work prepping the Bird’s Eye Chili vinegar with garlic and bayleaf. These beautiful fresh chilies have a sweet fruitiness followed by a serious, bright heat like a Thai chili, although not quite as intense.

It will take a couple weeks for them to be ready but when they are... WooHoo!!:-)

To celebrate our second anniversary as a restaurant, we wanted to share some thing a little different.

Our mission has always been to serve our community. and now a big part of our business has become helping feed you at home and helping our local farmers get through their own unique challenges. We thought it would be fun to take a look inside the lovingly hard work of putting together our farmers market boxes every Sunday.

No matter what comes next, everyone has responded so positively to this program that we will try to keep it going regardless. Helping people have regular, safe access to the greatest farmers on the planet, to explore cooking with their families, and supporting their own community is an unexpected blessing during these… “exciting” times 🙂

We will be reopening for daily service soon, so watch this space for updates and keep yourself safe until we see you again!

Warmest regards,

Mark and Lene
Open Face Food Shop

#openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit

Ever wonder why a peach would have a name like “Sangre de Toro” (Bull’s Blood)?

Now you know.

We just picked up the last of these amazing peaches from Tenerelli farms for our summer canning run. They are absolutely spectacular and pretty much done for the year. We rushed out to the Venice market this morning when we found out it was nearing the last week.

We’re going to try this batch with no added sugar for those of you that want it; we’ve already cut the sugar down almost 50% for most of the stone fruit preserves because they are already so sweet! #openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit #tenerelliorchards

First of the season Barhi dates from Bautista date Farm ripening in the sun. These dates have a really short season, and we wait for them all year because they are simply amazing.
We’ll have these for our farmers market care boxes on Sunday!
Put them on the counter and watch them go from yellow to deep brown, ripening over the next week.

We’re almost finished with our summer canning run and we want to thank all of you for your patience while we take this time to support the farmers in our area. We will be open again for daily service soon with new hours, new menu items, new flavors, and exciting new products for you all to try.

See you on Sunday for your farmers market boxes!#openfacefoodshop #farmersmarket #putapickleonit #westadams

Yesterday these were Finley Farms Kirby cucumbers. By the end of the day they will be sweet bread and butter pickles with red pepper onion and mustard seed. Transformed! 🙂 #openfacefoodshop #danish #westadams #putapickleonit ...